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Computer Cartoons

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On the Yellow Brick Road
Contemplating an upgrade?
When robots take over the world!
Let me put it this way Squeak, I just don't think she is your type.
True love
There are some things that they don't train you to deal with in Computer Support.
What do you think, is my computer safe from viruses now?
Well I used to be a funnel web spider, but then I realised to suceed in the 90's I had to be on the web. The world wide spider web.
What do the computer support staff get up to in the office after everyone else has gone home.
It's not that I doubt the effectiveness of your anti-virus strategy, but ... Effective anti-virus strategies.
Say, dats a lovely document that you have there. It would be a real shame if you were to have an Illegal Operation, The mob moves into the Valued Added Software Reseller racket.
That's certainly one way to partition your hard drive. Have you ever had to partition your hard drive?
Well of course they won't network, your computer is a Taurus and this one here is a Libra. New age computer support.
Zen and the art of software support.
How to spot regular ICQ users at parties.

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